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Detroit Video Production Company
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Video Production for Your Business

Need video production or a videographer to show how awesome your business is? We help our clients share their unique value propositions, offers, and the unique experience your business provides via the power of visual content. 

How do we do it? We separate the production process into 4 groups. Pre-production, Production, Post Production, and distribution.


During our initial pre-production discovery meeting we will listen to your business goals. We take that information and learn about the people, the offering, and details of your business.  We then work with you to build a production budget, schedule, and script. We will then discuss how you'd like to distribute your message and provide recommendations. Rezsocial is a video production, media buying, and full service advertising agency so we have you covered! 

During Production we bring in our professionals to film and share your message. We've honed our skills in to be fast and efficient so your business doesn't go interrupted. 

Post Production is where we edit your footage and provide you with samples to fine tune your video. We work with you and your business to make sure the final product is perfect! 

Once your video is finished and ready for viewing, Rezsocial can help you with all your distribution needs. We help clients share their stories on social media, television, and more. You let us know your goals and we'll help you get there! 

Interested in getting a quote? Click the button below to schedule your discovery meeting! 

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